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How to Create Cookie Consent Popup?

During forming the cookie consent popup process, you will simultaneously experience how your design will look like on a website. Let's create your free cookie consent popup in 6 steps together;

  • Choose a positioning that you want to present your cookie consent popup. Then, choose the layout of your popup.
  • Decide on the colors of your cookie consent.
  • Edit the text of it. Write an attractive headline, create a call to action, enter a link of your company policy for cookie consent, and have a "Read More" button that lands the user to the policy.
  • Set a display time for the cookie consent. For example, if you choose 5-sec, it means when a user reaches on your website, she will see the popup in 5 seconds.
  • Copy the script code given at the last step of cookie consent popup creation, and add them between </body> tags.

And your law-compliant popup is ready for use! πŸŽ‰

Why Cookie Consent Necessary?

To comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy Directive (ePR), EU, and California cookie laws, you must store cookie consents from your visitors. Your website visitors must have information that your company holds its user data like scroll behavior, exit intents, time on site, and so on. Before creating your free popup cookie, look at the checklist below. A compliant cookie consent;

  • Clearly specifies the data types and their collection purposes,

  • Given as a positive and unambiguous action,

  • Securely recorded as evidence to the related authorities,

  • Is withdrawable for website users whenever they want,

  • Renewed once a year for ePrivacy Directive rules.

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